Monday, December 27, 2010

What a WONDERFUL Christmas!!

We had such a good Christmas this year. Maybe it was because Kobe and I had someone special to share it with, or maybe because my family(the extended fam) got along this year, OR maybe it was because I got my sister,BIL, brother and his gf all SNUGGIES for Christmas LOL who knows? But it was WONDERFUL.

It was so nice having that family feel again on Christmas morning. (I can't wait until October when Chase and I get married and we can be a "full blown" family in the same house :)
Christmas Eve we woke up had breakfast let Kobe open gifts from Chase and I. Then we baked all our goodies and headed to my parents house for our family Christmas. Below are some pics.

Kobe watching TV waiting to open gifts from Chase and I.
Oh Look!!! Fruity Pebbles.. LOL Had him fooled lol.. They were really Toys Story Jammies
Very excited about his new Toy Story house shoes

Excuse my no make up and messy hair lol But I love my steam mop! Chase and Kobe also got me a digital picture frame, snuggie, Home Alone 1 and 2 (my fav movie) a Spa eye mask you can heat up or chill, a "Flip" camera, and a back massager that you put in your chair. From my parents I got a new coat and a coffee maker. From My sister's family I got a Chanel wallet. From My brother and his gf I got a picture frame collection. And From my Grandparents I got some money :)

My parents Christmas tree

My niece Olivia showing her Mommy (my sister) the doll we got her. She was so excited!

Mamaw and Papaw got the kids Toy Story dolls.. looks at their faces.. PRICELESS

An Easel..with ALL the accessories (from Mamaw and Papaw) and this thing is sooooo cool.. I love to draw on it too LOL

Adam (my brother) and his girlfriend Anna opening gifts

Mom and dad got Adam a vacuum so he'd quit stealing theirs lol

Chase's new coat from Mom and Dad

My parents!

Playing Euchre

Puttin cookies out for Santa and carrots for the reindeer

Santa has been here!

And left tooo much stuff LOL

But look at that face..

Confused because he got a game but doesn't have anything to play it on LOL (he hadn't opened it yet)

Look at that mess

Stocking time

He opened the game system to the game he was confused about lol and he LOVES his MobiGo

Tools Kobe and I got Chase

And we got him a drill. We also got him A thermos for his coffee to take to work, beard trimmer, a nice electric tooth brush, a deluxe game addition of dominoes, house shoes and a stocking full of goodies

Kobe and Chase

Rockin out on his Paper Jamz Guitar

The Day after Christmas we headed to my Grandparents house. Here is a pic of Kobe, Olivia and I

Kobe playing with the cat lol He'd hold his cup upto the Window and the cat would try to get a drink.. lol P.S. I hate cats lol but this was cute lol

My Grandparents
Like I said Christmas was wonderful. It came and went sooo fast. Now onto Kobe's b-day (on Valentine's Day) and Wedding Planning YAY!!!

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  1. Looks like you all had a great time! It was nice actually getting to hangout with Chase...he fits in well! :D