Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby Kobe is gone!

I'm sad to say that I think Baby Kobe is gone.. he's no longer with us.. although he was a pest at time,s I kinda miss the little guy.. lol I know your all wondering what the heck I'm talking about LOL well Kobe, since he was old enough to imagine, has had an imaginary friend "Baby Kobe". This was the type of imaginary friend that I had to buckle in the car seat, go out in the dark once at night to get out of the van(not sure why we left him in there), drive back to my parents house to "pick him up", etc. He almost made me believe this was a real child lol the way he imagined him. It was sooo realistic and funny but again like I said was kind of a pain in the butt at times lol. But whats a mother to do? Squash he child's imagination? NOPE she plays along :) Now that Kobe is almost 5, "Baby Kobe" has fizzled out. I guess this is a wake up call that my baby is growing up *tear* lol


  1. Do you think it means Kobe will be a good big brother someday? He seems like a very responsible imaginary friend to have :-)

  2. LOL He's got other imaginary friends though! He brought one to the park on our playdate, remember???

  3. Oh yes Uncle Dave! The one who drinks and smokes LOL he's gone too LOL