Monday, November 29, 2010


This past weekend we put all our Christmas decor up. I Love this time of year. It makes the house feel sooo cozy :) Kobe is sooo excited about Christmas this year. All he wants is a kickstand for his bike LOL and a paper jamz guitar. Pretty simple huh!? Needless to say he's getting alot more than he asked for. But at least he isn't greedy lol.
Kinda Blurry but I wanted you to see how pretty it looked :)

He's BAAAAACK! lol..Remember JACK?? yes Jack has made his way back to our home this year. Kobe is more into it this year than he was last year. He wasn't listening and all I had to say was remember Jack is watching and he busted out crying and walked over to Jack and begged him not to tell Santa LOL..
I'm glad Kobe is going to WC so he can learn all about the real reason for the season. He came home from School today and the first words out of his mouth were "MOM!, Did you know Christmas is Jesus' Birthday!?" (yes I have told him this before but you know how kids forget things hehe) But we also do the whole Santa thing. There is nothing wrong with a little imagination :)


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  1. Cute tree! Glad Jack is working for you lol