Saturday, August 10, 2013

First Day of School

*Sigh* I have a 2nd Grader.. Why does 2nd grade sound so old? As he got ready yesterday morning I had a glimpse of my brother.. As he put on his first shirt he goes to my bathroom to look in the full length mirror.. I see him tugging at his shirt then he pulls it off and says, "this shirt is too long" so grabs another one and slips it on.. again back to the bathroom he goes.. "this shirt is okay, But the neck hole is too big" I'm like Adam Kobe it is fine I promise.. "are you sure?" he asks.. Yes Kobe I'm sure.. then he's getting his shoes on.. and gets frustrated.. I'm like do you need help? "No, Grrrr.. YES! These stupid shoe strings wont stay down" lol again totally Adam! He wouldn't eat breakfast that morning.. I think he might have been a bit nervous or eager to get to school. Of course we had our Annual first day of school photo shoot

So we drive our little commute to school, we get there and we get out and are walking to the school and Kobe says "uh Mom? What are you doing?" I said walking you in to school. He says "I can go in by myself" I said yeh but its the first day of school.. He rolled his eyes (learned from the best) and says "fine" so we go in the doors by the gym and I said hmm you must go in the gym instead of to your class.. he wouldn't even let me go in the 2nd set of door.. he turns to me and says "You don't have to come in I'll go by myself" I said okay.. can I have a kiss? He starts to then turns and says no and walks ways *inserts knife into heart* So I snapped this pic real fast

and turned around and the janitor was like "It's hard, Huh Mom?" I said yes especisly when your kids kicks you out of the school.. he laughed but I was heart broken.. I think I got my feelings hurt to be honest lol.. When I got into my van I thought *OMG I'm going to cry* but I held it together and didn't cry.

Then my sister comes over on her lunch break and was telling me all about my neice kissing her and giving her hugs and blah blah blah.. I was like yeeeeh BITE ME! lol

My pretty little Livi Lou!

After school when I picked him up he said he had a really good day and loved his class and teacher! I think this is going to be a great school year!!

Here is a flashback of all the years

This year 2nd Grade

1st Grade


  Preschool (this made me teary eyed!)

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