Saturday, August 3, 2013

The wheels are turning...

My friend posted this on FB and it got my wheels turning to blog. This is a topic that burns my ass.. people who think ADHD is a cop out for kids who are just "trouble makers, whom aren't parented correctly etc." I am a mom who has a son with ADHD and ADD he was diagnosed with BOTH. I didn't just go to his Dr. and say "omg I can't handle my child give him drugs" we saw a child Psychiatrist for months. I filled out so many papers, questionnaires, etc. He was tested for weeks. LOTS of testing. I did not want to think MY child has ADHD.. I thought it was something *I* was doing wrong. I cried several nights. I remember we were out at my in-laws before Jason and I were married and Kobe was awful... I called my parents to come out and get us.. I remember them coming to get us and once I got in the car with them I bawled.. I was so upset that I couldn't control my child.. I beat myself up all the time.. my mom who raised a child with ADD knew just what I was going through and was and still is to this day one of our biggest supporters and I'm thankful for her. Kobe was put on medication and it was like night and day. You couldn't ask for a better child.. He could focus. He was able to listen. Our lives changed for the better. To prove the medication is the right choice for my son right now.. his medication he has been taking for a while now was perfect.. it was working like a charm. Then his doctor signed the script on the "may substitute" line and the pharmacy gave us the generic version. The first month of taking the generic version I thought woah this isn't working.. I'll give it a month to see if his body just has to adjust.. the first month went by.. still not working.. now we are almost done with month 2 and its worse.. whats different you ask???
  • He's hateful
  • He gets so aggravated
  • He'll start a story and lose thought and talk about a new topic in the same breath when I remind him he was already telling me a story and he needs to finish it he'll not even remember talking about that first topic.
  • He lies about EVERYTHING... something so simple.. and he lies
  • He can't focus.. When Jason or I talk to him and tell him something important when I ask him a question he'll ask me something about something totally different.. remember in the movie "Billy Madison" with Adam Sandler.. where hes like "I can see ya lips movin, but I can't make out the words" That's how I feel Kobe listens lol.. I laugh but its not funny..
  • He loses things so easy
  • He talks and talks I know your probably thinking well that's normal but no this is excessive talking and doesn't stop until asked to take a break

I could go on and on..

My friend posted this

Sadly enough Kobe has both Type 1 and 2 this little picture here looks like it was wrote about Kobe. That someone sat in a room with him for a day and wrote down everything they saw and made this poster about him.

An Inside Look At ADHD Infographic
Here is the site it came from:

Not all parents are the ones who abuse the whole ADHD thing.. yes there are some who do and yes there are some kids who don't need the meds but our on them but who are we to know which ones are a real case and which ones aren't we don't know their story. We just know our own child's story and that's all we need to focus on.

and that folks is my 2 cents worth... You are Welcome lol..
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  1. I am so proud of you! I love how much you are involved in Kobe's school life! I am sure any teacher would love to enjoy Kobe as much as you do! Tell him I am proud of him and can't believe he is a 2nd grader!