Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Box Tops

So its that time of year again Kobe is collecting BoxTops for his school. Last year he came in 8th Place and won 4 tickets to the WonderLab! He's hoping to collect more this year! He's asking for your help to collect them. If you have some for him call/text me or send them through mail. E-mail me at for my number or address if you don't have it.

You can visit

Here is a list of Products you can find BoxTops on:

Click to see the whole list of items in each category!

THANK YOU and we appreciate all your help in helping Kobe's school!!

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  1. My sons school does the same thing. Last year he collected exactly 100 box tops and this year we are more prepared haha. We have been collecting all summer. My son loves looking on boxes to see if he can find boxtops haha