Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Just stuff in June

Of course we can't have a blog post without my precious nephew in it lol.. Poor baby boy is sick though.. He's on breathing treatments and steroids :( However now he's doing MUCH better than he was..

Our garden is growing!!

Kobe's getting better on the swimming

Last Thursday Kobe and I had the day to ourselves.. We went to Shopko and scored some deals since its closing down, cleaned out the van, went to wal-mart and then got the oil changed in the van ALL before noon!

After that we went to the local Car-Hop and got a snack..

He loves to go there, and thinks its neat to have them put the tray on your car window..

We had to say goodbye to Duke.. Well I don't mean like he died.. but we gave him to a friend of ours.. We just couldn't give him the attention he needed.. we are never home and he would be stuck in the cage.. the family we gave him too, the wife works nights and sleeps days and the husband works days and sleeps nights so someone is always there for him plus they have another dog he can play with.. From the sounds of it he's getting treated like a king LOL Eating Chicken and Rice.. I miss him like CRAZY and that first night with him gone made me really sad.. but Im happy he has an awesome home now...
I told Jason, No more dogs.. we aren't dog people because we don't have the time for them..

Since Kobe was real upset about giving Duke away he asked if we could get a cat since they don't require as much attention as a dog.. being the suckers that we are we said yes...

Meet Bella!

Remember I am NOT a fan of cats.. they creep me out.. I'm scared of their claws LOL..

Ugh the things we do for our kids..

I was woke up by this little brat at 4am this morning.. last we knew she couldn't get up on the bed.. She learned how to climb obviously and was playing with my hair and clawing my head... UGH.. remember; NOT a cat fan..

Guess who the cat loves?


As matter of fact I'm having trouble typing this blog because she wants to burrow in between me and the laptop...

speaking of my laptop.. all the sudden my keyboard stopped working.. so Jason found me this keyboard at a flea market for $2.50!! It works great and is water proof..

It was time for me to upgrade my cell phone and thank goodness, it was starting to act up.. So I got this LgG2.. and I LOVE it~!!

Of course I got a case for it.. isn't it CUTE!?

Its hot pink even though the pic doesnt look that way..

Guess who is 7 month???

Kobe finally lost a top front tooth!! With the other top tooth loose and another top one loose..

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