Friday, June 20, 2014

Father's Day weekend

This past weekend was Father's Day weekend. Friday night we all went out to eat at a new Pizza place in town. Jason, Kobe and I had never been there.. we didn't even get pizza lol. Jason and Kobe both got 12 chicken wings a piece plus 2 appetizers and I got fettuchini alfredo plus drinks.. it was $42. Jason about flipped a lid.. actually I think he DID. I couldn't get him to understand that we had TONS of food! He claims we will never eat there again but I say we try it one more time before he writes it off lol and we watch what we order ;) The food was great and the service was too..

Then Saturday morning we went to say good bye to my Great Aunt Joyce Ann :( just a couple weeks ago we said good bye to her husband Tom on Memorial Day. I have no doubt that they are in Heaven with my Great Grandparents having a good ol' time with Jesus.. I bet Joyce Ann is rocking her infant son she lost and hearing all kinds of stories from Grandma and Grandpa L.. I'll always remember Grandpa L's laugh.. it was the best.... I still can't believe Joyce Ann and Tom are gone. As we sat in church listening to everyone share memories of her.. I couldn't control my emotions.. I was laughing and crying all at the same time.. My cousin Josh said every memory I could think of.. It was a beautiful funeral service.. I think Joyce Ann would be happy with how it went.. The worst part about this all for me is watching my Grandma have her heart broken.. That was her sister. Not only that but her very best friend. It broke my heart to watch her be so sad.. Now that Joyce ann is up there I'm asking her to watch over my grandparents.. My dad was in his 50s when HIS grandma passed so thats what I want too.. I know thats selfish.. and HE has a plan.. but I think he might want to hear my wishes too ;) RIP Joyce Ann.. I love you!!

After the funeral Jason went with my dad fishing so My mom Kobe and I headed to Amish Country for their Spring Festival. We always seem to get there at the end but still catch a few things to do..

Of course the good ol barrel/train ride!


Good thing this wild Animal is caged LOL..
  Mom and Kobe went on a Horse and carriage ride

Later that night Kobe spent the night with my parents.. so Jason and I went out to his parents to visit with his sister who was down from up north.. It was her birthday and she was camping out at my in laws.. We had a good night laughing at stories.. even though the mosquitoes ate me to pieces. I was so wore out  from crying all morning at my Aunt's funeral but it was good to end the night with laughs and good company.

The next day was Sunday Father's Day!! We had a cook out at my sister's house to celebrate the day. Kobe and I made Jason this awesome shirt!!

Kobe and Noah got in the pool for a swim.. Noah's first time in and he LOVED it!!

To finish the day we came home and vacuumed and cleaned our pool out and got it all ready...

Here are some more pics!!

I found these little babies at a local Amish store.. I LOVE these!!!

They are yummy mints!

This has been my view during the week.. we have been watching the World Cup.. USA won their first game!! WooHoo

Our central air has been out..we think hope it just needs charged..

I didn't get a pic the other day when the little red line was maxed out it was CRAZY hot!!!

Jason ripped the window unit out of his work shop and brought it in.. it was too little to work on its own so he called his sister and brother in law and they let us borrow their window unit they had in their shed. 
Thank God for them!!!

I'm sitting here on my bed kinda cold.. but I'll take that ANYDAY! lol

Do to no air we have been grilling out a lot.. look at these yummy brats and veggie's my hubby made! They were delish!!

Last but DEFINITELY not least!! We have to have a pic of Noah!!!! 

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  1. Didn't see this blog until now. You made me tear up Andrea. Sweet, sweet words about mom and dad. So miss them . . .