Friday, July 25, 2014

Soccer 3v3 Tourney; Take One

This past weekend we headed to Terre Haute for the kids 3v3 soccer tourney. They did a good job. We got 3rd place but didn't know it til later on.. So we'll get our medals this weekend for last weekend.... The weather was wonderful and spending the day with family was awesome!

This was our set up in between games..

After the games we went to Ruby Tuesday

Check out my sunburnt face.. let me tell ya it HURT!

Doesn't this look delicious? Well it wasn't lol

Kobe's cool t-shirt from the tourney..

We are headed out again this weekend for another 3v3 tourney.. I think this one is gonna be a hot one..

in other news

Kobe now has lost another front tooth

Jason power washed and scrubbed the house



Here are some bloopers from trying to get a good pic of these 3

FINALLY we got one..

Do you wanna guess how many times it took to get this picture? 28 LOL

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