Friday, July 11, 2014

4th of July weekend!

Here it is July 11th already. I'm so slow at blogging.. I get this big blog wrote in my head and yet never sit down and type it out. So anyways.. lets start out with this picture lol

Poor guy. You might be wondering what is wrong. He is heart broken because USA lost their game in the World Cup... as much as it broke my heart to watch him be so upset I had to snap this pic. It was mainly just a pic I sent to my mom via text but I thought it was blog worthy.. To be honest it makes me laugh .. I know I know...

so anywho...

My sister and her hubby hosted the 4th of July shin dig this year.. The weather was AMAZING!!!  Almost to cool to swim but that did NOT stop the kids lol

The food was yummy!! We had BBQ chicken breasts, baked beans, pasta salad, potato salad, chips, fruit, jello cake, rice crispy treats, and some yummy stuff my sister made Im not sure what it was but it had bananas and strawberries in it..

Noah was such a good boy all day.. He did take a little snooze on his Aunt Shanny's lap

Uncle Josh bought the kiddos fireworks..

Smoke bombs!!

One of our family's pyro maniacs setting off the firework show!

Noah LOVED the fireworks his dad was setting off.. even those loud fire crackers!

 Scuba Steve Kobe doing Sparklers

Josh put on a great firework show for us. I wish I could of got video of our finale.. it was awesome!!

Poor Jake, didn't care for the fireworks. He is such a good dog.. Look how pretty he is.. He wanted me to play with him sooo bad lol he kept bringing his ball and "log" to me to throw lol..

Noah and Papaw

Check out my cool nails LOL.. I tried to make them look like fireworks.. Kobe said I did good LOL

We did get to enjoy Jason on (Friday) the 4th of July. However he had to work Saturday and Sunday..

So Saturday Kobe got invited to a pool party at one of his friends house! He had a blast..
(You all know I love pics of everything we do, I was very thankful for these pics Sara sent me on FB)

Bella is getting a little bigger.. not much!

Peas are producing like CRAZY!!

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