Thursday, July 17, 2014

Triple S

Sunday, Soccer, Sonic!!

In that order too lol.. Sunday Amanda and I headed down to Eville so the kids could practice soccer with their team for the 3v3 tourney they are playing in this weekend in Terre Haute. Looks like the weather this weekend is going to be awesome 

However this past weekend when the kids had soccer practice it was not this nice.. it was in the upper 90s with a even hotter heat index... 

The pictures are from really far away because Amanda Noah and I were sitting in the air conditioned jeep lol.

Noah has learned to make a kissy sound lol

We did venture out and sit in the shade since there was a breeze..

After practice the kids were starving so we headed to Sonic..

After our crazy hour drive home with these looney kids Kobe and I came home to a YUMMY dinner Jason had made. He smoked pork and made pulled pork, made green beans from our garden with new potatoes that our new neighbors had given us.. and fresh corn on the cob from the produce stand since ours is not done yet.

 However it is growing!!

Along with our other veggies.. and of course my Honey Dew melon

Kobe's flowers are blooming too

Here are some random pics

 This is all the FREE stuff I received for having a Jamberry party

Noah on his hands and knees rocking.. hes so close to crawling

Liv painting my toenails

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