Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hello March!

Well the first of March was not anything like I hoped!

Yeh! Snowy, wet and COLD!!! To me.. March means SPRING! Flowers! WARM weather!!

This weekend was sunny and pretty outside.. but still on the cold side. If you looked out the windows you would of thought it was spring like temps.. but nope. We didn't let that stop us though. We got a few yard games the other weekend at Rural King. Let me just tell ya about our little "Shopping Adventures" 2 weekends ago. I went to ShopKo the other day.. they were having MAJOR sales.. well first Jason and Kobe went while I was in Washington. I get a phone call from Jason asking what size Kobe wears in shorts. So I  told him he would have to try them on because he has to have a 7 in jeans for the length even though really he needs a 5 in the waist. So we hang up.. then I get another phone call from Jason asking if Kobe needs more jeans.. I told him yeh that would be good.. so we hang up again.. Then I got another phone call and Jason was like "OMG I spent $115" lol I was like goodness what in the world did you buy??  He's all like.. "Well... I got Kobe 2 pairs of shorts, a pair of jeans, me two shirts and you an touch screen Mp3 player." I'm like umm for $115 that's awesome! You did a good job finding bargains lol. plus the shorts he got for Kobe were SO stinking cute! and look soooo cute on Kobe. Plus the jeans were perfect too!! I was very proud of him and his purchases.. So after they got to my parents house where I was..Kobe had wanted an Mp3 player that was there for $19 Jason told him he could get it.. if I took him back but he wasn't gonna go back.. so I wanted to go look at all the sales too.. so Kobe an I headed back to ShopKo.. BAD idea lol.. We went straight back to the Mp3 players.. Kobe got the one he wanted.. So then I went to the sale isles. They had Sterilite clothes hampers on sale for $3.99 originally $9.99. I had been wanting to get one for My bathroom and Kobe's bathroom.. since Jason had one in his bathroom already.. so I grabbed 2. Then I found a couple gifts for my niece.. and a home decor sign for $3

Isn't it CUTE?! I love  loved it. Yeh.. well... the wind took it and now its in 3 pieces! Boo! Thank Goodness J-Bird is gonna fix it!So anyways! I get to the check out and remember those hampers with such a great deal $3.99 originally $9.99? Well they rang up $15.99 I was like.. oooh wait! Those said they were $3.99 back there in the isle.. so she called the manager lady up and has her go back and look. They lady goes and looks and comes back with the tag and says.. yup! they were labeled wrong.. So I got $32.00 worth of hampers for $8.00!!! Not my fault! lol Then that following Sunday.. the guys and I went to Jasper to eat breakfast at Shoney's then we headed to Rural King to get some things.. OMG I fell in love with baby chicks lol.. I held one for the first time. Kobe and I were trying to convince Jason to buy some.. but he said not til he builds a place for them. But look how CUTE they are!

Kobe of course found what he wanted


But anyways after we got the things we went in there for we went down an isle and there was a 3 set of yard games.. the tag said $40.00 I was like OMG that's a great deal. So we decided to get it.. it had Corn Hole, HillBilly Golf, and Washers in it. When we got to the check out it rang up $80.00 I of course told the lady it said $40 back there and she called someone and sure enough it did.. they had forgot to take the sale sign down from the previous week.. so We got it for $40... I PROMISE I don't do this on purpose lol
So anyways this past weekend we got the games out and played a few rounds of each!


I'm sooooo ready for Camo to get out of the dang puppy stage!! We had a huge ordeal this morning.. I'm not even going to go in detail because I was sooo mad! Needless to say I had to put our bed sheets in the washer before I left the house this morning. He's driving us NUTS lol Jason more than me. I really do love that little guy and he loves me but dang it lol. Here is a picture of what he did this weekend..
In some positive news.. I finally got my shelves in the pantry!! YAY!

Here are a few pics from Miss Kami's 1st Birthday Party


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  1. Love the new blog title and layout! I also love a good deal, I will have to check out this elusive Shopko lol. We are also having issues with our new pet so I hope you are more patient than me because mines close to going to the streets haha