Friday, February 22, 2013

Weighing my pros and cons

So I've done some serious thinking on this whole Kobe and switching him schools
 this coming school year. If my final decision is BR then of course I'll wait til this school year is over. I'm leaning more towards BR. Especially since EVERY day when we pass the school on our way to and from W-ton, Kobe says "can I pleeeease go to BR". But now Kobe is getting bullied at school by a few boys.. sadly enough one is his own cousin which Kobe says he told him to stopped and hasnt done it again. But there are 3 other boys who are bullying him.. one punched him in the nose, one told him to go down to the other end of the chalk board to write because hes a girl and doesn't belong over here with the boys, then another is just down right mean EVERY single day to EVERYONE.. he called Kobe "Fatty" which clearly my 56 pound 7year old is NOT fat. He's the one that.. when I asked Kobe if he wanted me to come eat lunch with him at school he was soo excited and then in the next minute had tears in his eyes and said "no, I don't want you to come" and I asked why and he said "(insert name) will call you fat and make fun of you." I said Kobe mommy doesnt care what ppl say about her.. He said "But Mom he's REALLY mean and I don't want him to be mean to you, He calls everyone fatty" Broke my heart because he didn't want me to get my feelings hurt.. he's such a sweet boy.. however I'd love to smack that other kids parents for not teaching their kids how to not be a bully. Even me being over weight my whole life I was never bullied (at least to my face lol) I was well liked an nice to everyone.. I taught Kobe to be the same way and have expressed so much about bullying and sticking up for those being bullied.. But anyways I know bullying is at every school but I think Kobe would fit better at BR. Now if I could just find some kids in that area to babysit which will be hard since I'm not from that area and no one really knows me.. but good thing is I've got a good bunch of references that can help spread the word. So I have til summer or at the least by the end of summer to find at least 2 full time kids and maybe a couple after school kids to keep.. a friend of mine was looking for someone to keep his boys for his ex-wife so maybe that will fall into place and I can watch them.. but only time will tell what will happen..


  1. This makes me so sad for Kobe! He is such a sweet kid. I don't see how anyone could be so mean to him. Reading this had my eyes tearing up for him. Poor kiddo. :( I will pray for Kobe and pray that God gives him the courage and strength to deal with these horrible kids. And I am with you, their parents need to be teaching their children that bullying is not cool. I was bullied when I went to Griffith in 5th Grade and then again when I went to school in California. It's the worst feeling. Made me dread school every day.