Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kobe's 7th Birthday Party

  Saturday Feb 10th we celebrated Kobe's birthday... He had a Mario Bros theme. I was not into it this year like I have been in the past. But I pulled it together for Kobe to have "the best birthday party" and for me to be called "The best mom EVER" so that made it all worth it.

I made Silver Dollar Sandwiches some with ham and some with ham salad, Pasta salad, chips and Salsa, chex mix and pretzels. After we ate I let Kobe blow out his candles which he was embarrassed as usual lol. poor kid..
He waited patiently for me to get ready so he could open his presents..

Jason and I got him a Nintendo DSi XL... he has a Nintendo DS already but this is newer/bigger/better version and he loved it! We also got him a DS game "Mario Kart" and a new case to carry it in.. From Mamaw Kathi and Papaw Denny he got a pair of FUBU shoes and socks and 3 play sets that he loves.. From Aunt Amanda, Liv and Uncle Josh he got a fishing Pole he also got a fishing pole from uncle Adam and Kelly too.. He got a Bible from Jessica and Maddie, Puzzles and a Nerf gun from Angie, Ryan and kids, Army set from Jake, Whitney, and kids, Money from Grandma and Grandpa Hill and Margie and David
He had such a great day and loved all his presents!!
Guests were:
Mom & Dad
Papaw Denny & Mamaw Kathi
Uncle Adam & Kelly
Aunt Amanda & Liv
Jessica & Maddie
Angie, Ryan, Even, Noah, Owen & Ella
Grandma Margie
Great Grandma and Grandpa Hill
Whitney, Jacob, Ashtin and Kami

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  1. Great presents for your kid. Some would be very useful to him, and some are for fun and entertainment. Celebrating your kid's birthday party with just a few people, exclusively with family members only, is an opportunity for the celebrant and his parents to feel the true essence of the event. That is to be thankful for another year and to look back on his accomplishments in life so far - to reflect, all in all. I'm sure he had a great one. Cheers!

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