Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day and so on...

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I started it off with exchanging gifts with Jason.. He got me the most beautiful ring. I've had several ppl ask me if its a new wedding ring. Its not, I will never replace the ring I married Jason with. It may not be the fanciest ring but it has a meaning that no other ring could ever have. This new ring will be worn on my right hand :)
Its getting sized right now but I get it back tomorrow.. I can't wait.. I love it and was totally shocked that he listened when I thought he was ignoring me when I showed him the ring before lol.. He's good at listening and getting things I've said I wanted.
He also got me Flowers and Hersey's Pot of Gold chocolates which are my FAVE!

He did Good :)
I got Jason, Chocolates, Silky boxers with lips all over then, a duck dynasty shirt, and a jig saw. I didn't get any pics of Jason opening his gift I wasn't thinking clearly lol.
We got Kobe A huge dog, chocolates, and a huge card which he loved lol
Mamaw and Papaw got him a new bathroom set, chocolates, and a stuffed lion..
And of course it was my "Tiny Valentine's" 7th Birthday! I had put Kobe's name on the local radio station for the Birthday Club. So we sat outside his school until they said his name on the radio. Then we listened patiently to see if his name would be picked to win the Birthday Cake.. and it was!!! Of all the ppl who had Birthdays that day HE won!!!
Click HERE and you can hear the radio broadcast when he won the cake!
A few weeks before Valentine's day J-Bird surprised me with this little beauty!
I've wanted one for so long and I finally got one.. Once again my hubby listens lol. I never thought he would actually go and get this for me. I had planned once our tax check came that I was going to purchase one. I've looked and looked online at sewing machines and I could never figure out which one I wanted. When I came home one night after work.. I had just walked in the house and usually I would head straight for my bathroom which is in our bedroom.. but that night I didn't. I started cleaning the kitchen up.. and starting dinner.. Jason was acting odd lol like he was up to something lol he was in a silly/goofy kinda mood.. I had walked in the living room and he was smiling like a little kid that had done something he shouldn't have lol. as I was walking back into the kitchen.. I heart Jason say OMG.. CAMO! I was like whats wrong.. he said "come here and look what that stupid dog did" So I walk into the bedroom and there it is.. my New sewing Machine! He even got me a hard case to put it in :) He's the best!
My Brother moved out of his apartment and into a house the 1st of Feb. He has a cute little house and its so much better than his old apartment.. he also adopted a son.. His name is Scooter!
 Scooter is a Beagle Mix of some sort. He's the cutest Beagle.. but he's HUGE! He LOVES Adam.. and I think Adam loves him just as much! He's a good dog!

Since Adam moved out of his apartment he gave me this dresser! I've always wanted a dresser with a mirror like this and now I got one :)
In other news lol
Camo got his dog tag finally!
He needs another haircut too lol
I've been Pinterest-ing!
I made a dog food storage bin for Camo's food..
Here are a few pics of ME! Which you don't get to see very often :)


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