Monday, March 18, 2013

Not all days..

I always write about the good things in life and all the cheery moments.. but sometimes we have not so cheery days.. this whole weekend was a complete flop. I'm going to let you hear about my not good very rotten weekend. Just so you know we are human and do have bad days..

So first off money is sooo tight right now. Jason started a new job and we are in that whole switching jobs/pay check delay situation. But look how cute he is...

Anyways.. So I head to the grocery store to get dinner for Saturday night and Sunday night with what little money I have budgeted for groceries.. I get stuff to make Broccoli soup for Sat. night I get home get the soup whipped up and on the stove.. I'm stirring and making sure it doesn't burn.. I have it on low.. the soup is still ice cold so I turn the heat up just a tad more and it seems to be doing ok.. I sit at the kitchen table to text a friend back and Jason walks over to the pot to stir it and says,.. I think its stickin to the bottom.. so I check and sure enough it BURNT grrrr...I've NEVER burnt dinner.. EVER..  I was sooo upset I fixed me a glass of sweet ice tea in my Tervis and walked in the living room and stepped on something.. my Tervis flew outta my hand and it the end table just right, popped the lid off and I had tea EVERYWHERE... I went to my bathroom, Grabbed a towel, threw it over the tea on the carpet, turned around and went back to my bathroom and boo who'd like a baby.. I was over it!

Then Sunday I was cleaning the kitchen.. I was loading the dish washer and scraping the scraps into a pan that had left overs in it from the fridge.. I asked Jason if I held the trash bag if he'd dump it in for me.. so here I was "ready" with the bad in my hand and he dumps the pan and the bag slips through my fingers and onto the floor went the scraps Blah! and the trash bag.. thank goodness most went on top of the trash bag and I just scooped it up and threw it all into a new trash bag.. so then it was time to scrap the big ol pot of broccoli soup I had burnt.. so Jason asked as I was holding the new trash bag.. GOT IT??? yes dear I have a death grip this time.. so he was dumping it in and then all of the sudden his side went in and we had broccoli soup EVERYwhere on the floor.. we just looked at each other with this "What the hell?" look and we couldn't do anything but laugh.. not because we were amused but we didn't know what else to do. So we got that cleaned up and I straightened up the kitchen..

Then we were watching a movie when Kobe came in the living room and told Jason his toilet was over flowing.. So we ran in there Jason began to plunge the toilet. Did that help?? NOPE! It made sewage come up the sink and tub in his bathroom.. then to find out it came up my bathtub and toilet in my bathroom and up Jason's shower and toilet in his bathroom too.. So Jason went out to the septic system in our yard and sure enough it needed pumped.... so we called a business and they came out this morning at 10.. they pumped out the septic system for $250 which I was told is a good price.. But not for our pocket books.. Well the guys tell me that there must be a blockage in the pipes under the house because no toilet water was coming through. blah blah blah... so the guy wanted to go under the house to look at the pipes to see if there was a broken pipe.. so I went to show him where the crawl space door was.. I was coming down the deck steps and had flip flops on and slipped .. I landed on the stairs and hit my head and now my butt/hip is sore and bruised.. my ankle feels like I have a torn something and my elbow is cut and I'm sore all over.. I cried in front of the shit sucker guys but they were sooo sweet lol... THEN the guy can't even go under the house because there is so much water.. which means we may have a broken pipe.. GREAT!!! So we still have toilets not working right..

Yes I take pictures of everything lol

So see not all days are peachy!! There are some crappy days.. and I wanted to share this because when you read blogs from ppl all you see/here are about the perfect little lives they are living lol...


  1. I am so sorry for your crappy weekend... But so glad to know that other people out there have them too! Hope things get better for you soon!

  2. "Sounds like you fit right into this family...It will get better don't know when but it does......