Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013!!!

What a fun way to ring in the New Year, with my amazing family and the world's best group of Friends.

Jason and I hosted our 2nd Annual New Years Eve Party at our house. I love entertaining guests!! I just wish I had more money to do everything I want! We had a pitch in.. appetizers style lol. Everyone brought an appetizer, some brought 2 or if your my pregnant sister you brought 4 (I think her cravings got to her in the store lol).

After we ate we played a board game called "The Logo Board Game"

It was very fun and we had lots of ppl so we just did Boys vs. Girls of course us ladies dominated the males lol which were very sore losers lol. After the game ended it was almost midnight so we got ready. Filled the kids fancy glasses up with sparkling Apple Cider
And waited for the clock to strike midnight!!!

A few people cleared out after midnight.. but that didn't stop us partiers lol. Adam, Kelly, Jessica, Matt, Jason and I were hit with party #2 lol(the 2kiddos played in Kobes room). Which included more laughing and us ladies dominating the guys once again in Battle of the Sexes.. finally about 3am the sober party of 2 lol left to go home and the drunk party of 3 crashed at our house. We had such a fun night! Lots of laughing and a tons of fun!!

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