Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day gatherings..

After Kobe tore into his Christmas gifts, we got ready and headed into town to pick up my step kiddos. Miss Mikayla Lynn looked so pretty in her dress my mother in law got her.. the kids were so happy to see us.. they talked a mile a minute when the got in the van. We then headed to my in laws for our Christmas gathering.. my mother in law cooked a yummy meal. I tried for the first time German Potato Salad.. oh it was yummy!! We than exchanged gifts.. we had to cut our time short because poor Mikayla had an ear ache and it was really bothering her.

We got back home after dropping the kids back at their house, and my parents came by to see what Kobe had got from Santa.

We then headed into town to have Christmas at my grandparents (forgot to snap some pics) I look forward to this get together every year.. its not the same as it used to be though.. family feuding is never fun.. especially around the holidays. I wish my son could have experienced the "old Hill family" the fun times we had when I was little.. but anywho I could go on and on about that lol.. this Christmas was soo fun I love my family and spending time together!!!

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