Thursday, December 20, 2012

And the Christmas festivities begin...

We kicked off our Christmas festivities with our Christmas Parade here in town.. not the town we live in but the town we are from ;).. The parade was good this year.. Kobe enjoyed it.. he wasn't into getting candy like the other kids were.. we would have to tell him to go get some.. most of his came from the nice guy that stood next to us..

I worked at Kobe's school with the PTO during the "elf store". The Elf Store is a opportunity for kids to shop for their family and friends themselves. Prices ranged for $0.25-$10. It was so cute seeing all the kids shop. Those kids melted my heart that day..

We celebrated Jason's 30th Birthday.. I had a party at our house.. but I was too busy to take pictures :( I hate that.. but we had a great time. A few of our close friends stay all day and didn't end up leaving until 1am :) We had so much fun.. a lot of laughing was going on. We played Battle of the Sexes.. OF COURSE us females dominated that game lol. We have a rematch that needs to happen soon lol

Here are some of the pics I got .. only 2 lol. This is a new dip I made.. "skinny dip"
Here are Jason's new slippers Kobe and I got him..

The following Sunday we took the kids to Jason's work where they had cookies with Santa. Each child received a $20 gift from Santa.. it was really nice.. the kids had a good time and loved their gifts..

Every year we get together with my great Aunt and her family for what we call "Leavell's Christmas" We always have a meal and play dirty Santa.. well this year we had a cookie exchange instead of a meal. Everyone made cookies and brought them to exchange! Here are the cookies I made. They are called chocolate snowdrops.. They were okay lol I'm not sure if I liked them. I think they needed to be more chocolate-y lol..
 Here's some intense pics from Dirty Santa :)

Last but not least lol Camo got his hair cut!