Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas with my guys..

As always Jason and I agree we won't buy each other gifts so we can buy our family gifts instead... Which don't get me wrong I love our family and love buying for them but I HATE the fact I don't get to buy for my husband like I want too..  we always end up buying each other a little something anyways. I know Christmas isn't about gifts and money but I love giving gifts... I could care less if I receive one single gift.. I love seeing peoples faces when they open their gifts. But any ways.. as always I got Kobe pajamas, slippers and a movie for Christmas Eve. His jammies were Ninja Turtles (I guess they don't make Christmas jammies for boys??) He got slippers that match his dads and the Smurf Movie which is soo cute.
Jason made me a shadow box for Christmas.. he's so good at making things.. I love it!
I got Jason a "River Monsters" tackle box with 136 pieces.. who knew they counted every single hook, sinker etc as 1 Sheesh.


  1. They don't make Christmas jammies for big girls either unfortunately. Well, at least ones that don't look like they're to be worn by hookers instead of really tall 5 year olds lol. I bet Kobe loved his slippers... I know how much he wants to be just like Jason :)

  2. He did love them.. they are kinda big. But gives him room to grow lol