Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve...

One thing I don't like about this Blogger app, my pics aren't where they need to be lol oh well.

This year Christmas Eve was a tad different. My niece had to sing in the Children's Choir at Christmas eve Mass so we had to bump up the time which was fine with us. So instead of dinner on Christmas Eve we had a lunch instead. Mom made her yummy turkey and steamed broccoli/cauliflower with cheese. My sister made corn casserole, my brother's gf Kelly made "crack potatoes" and rolls. I made the desserts.. Cherry Delight, Oreo balls, iced sugar cookies, and chocolate chips cookies.. ugh I think Im a  decent cook/baker but Woah it was total fail left and right lol. I followed a recipe off Pinterest for the Cherry-D.. this chic told me to put 8oz cream cheese, 1pound of powdered sugar, and 1 container of Coolwhip. Umm holy powdered sugar Barman. I bout gagged when I tasted it. I was like umm no.. this isn't gonna work.. so I added another block of cream cheese and it was WAY better! So then onto the choc chip cookies. Nothing was wrong with them but they kinda fell through the cooling rack because they were too soft. So they were just ugly lol. My sugar cookies were flat but tasted good. Now the Oreo balls.. Grr.. I had  soo much trouble melting the chocolate.. after 2 attempts I gave up and rolled them in powdered sugar.

After lunch we exchanged gifts.. we always start with the youngest and go to the oldest.. which once again I'm smack in the middle lol. I made a lot of my gifts this year. I made mom a snow man out of a 3x4 piece of wood. And Amanda and Kelly a snow(wo)man out of a 4x4.. I think I did a decent job even though a friend of mine was over while I was making them and made fun of them lol... His opinion doesn't count though ;)

Again sorry these pics will be out of order.. here are just some from Christmas Eve..


  1. Aww I think your snowmen are cute. I'm gonna have to make some Cherry Delight soon. Love that stuff!

  2. I love the snowmen! I'm going to have to try making some of my own! Super cute!