Monday, March 1, 2010

Wow March Already?!

This yr is just moving right along!! I'm sooo ready for spring time I could scream lol! Those few days we had 45°-47° weather it was sooo nice and gave me a lil taste of Spring :o)

I got Kobe all signed up for Soccer!! YAY!! My biggest Goal in life was to b
e a Mom... and I always said I wanted to be one of those "Soccer Moms" haha and that is exactly what I will be, come soccer season :o) I hope he likes it which I am sure he will. Check out these ADORABLE Shin Gaurds that I got at The End Zone...

They are seriously like probably 6 inches tall LOL Cutest lil things I've seen in awhile lol.

I also signed Kobe up for a Summer School corse through Head Start they are offering. Since he didn't get into preschool I thought this would be good for him. Although I don't think he "needs" it. He is such a smart lil boy and I have taught him myself this year he can say his alphabet, identify several letters, can spell his first and middle name and write them as well, (We are working on his last name which is alittle tougher) Knows his address and can recite the whole
thing except the zipcode.. we are working on his phone number and numbers... he can count to twelve and then gets confused after that lol... but he can count to 5 in spanish thanks to Dora hahahaha I had NO part in that LOL She gets all the credit LOL. But I can take credit for him learnin to spell Kobe LOL... I made up a song and a Cheer LOL If u know me well enough I have ALWAYS cheered and made cheers up LOL I Love Cheerleaders and always wanted to be one but wasnt LOL so Im constantly making cheers and goofy songs up LOL So My "Cheer" for Kobe to spell his name was "K-O-B-E (clap) Thats how ya spell Kobe" and he still to this day recites that cheer HAHAHA... And for the song (in the 'Bingo' tune)

"I know a boy who's really cute
and Kobe is his name-o
K-O-B-E, K-O-B-E, K-O-B-E

and Kobe is his name-o"

We are ALWAYS making silly songs up LOL But hey whatever works right? LOL I also got Kobe this AWESOME LeapFrog Scribble and Write for his birthday and it is teaching him how to write his letters!! its pretty cool! I recommend it :o)


  1. Your such an amazing mommy!

  2. so cute! I'm getting ready to sign my two oldest up for T-ball and Soccer. It will be an interesting season! Good Luck to Kobe!