Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Such a Big Helper!!

Tonight I told Kobe he it was his turn to cook dinner for Mommy... He however was ALL for that LOL... So I let him help... I opened the cabinets and told him to pick out what we are gonna have for dinner... He grabbed the Hamburger Helper and said I want "hamburger Cooker" and I said okay... what else, so he grabbed corn but behind the corn he saw sweet potatoes so he grabbed those instead.... and said "I want these pumpkins" hahahah after I laughed for a few I said these are sweet potatoes lol are u sure u want these... he said "yup I love them" (not sure he's ever had them lol) then he grabbed the box of cornbread LOL so Yeh our dinner was, Hamburger Helper, Sweet Potatoes and Cornbread LOL... oh well it was a weird combo but it was different for once lol... and we had fun making it together... Thats the important part right?!?! :o)

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