Sunday, March 14, 2010

Today Kobe, my Mom and I headed to E-ville to do some shopping. We were on the mission to find soccer cleats..No luck.. The SAME cleats they have here at our local Shoe Show were $10 Cheaper than the EXACT same cleats at Shoe Carnival in E-ville.. so we headed to Foot Locker... nope don't even have cleats in there... so I told mom I'd just get the ones here in town.. Of course as soon as we stepped in the door of the Mall Kobe wanted to go to the "teddy bear store" So after going to a few other stores I let him "Build a Bear" he had sooooo much fun and LOVES his bear. Thats they best part is making My little sweetie happy :o)

Mommy got some new clothes and a couple pairs of flip flops. Kobe was so cute while I was clothes shopping. He'd pick a shirt up and say "here mom, How bout this?" lol ... We ate lunch at Golden Corral our favorite restaurant in E-ville well Olive Garden is but we were already on the same side of town as the GC.. It was yummy...We went to a few other stores, we finally finished Liv's b-day present up and are ready for her party on Sunday :o) We ended our shopping trip at Target... I LOVE Target! I wish we had one. Before we headed home we had a pretzel and drink at the snack bar. We had SUCH a WONDERFUL time today. :o)
This is his new thing lol Listening to his "iPod" lol he LOVES to sing... he sings ALL the time. His new favorite song is "Hillbilly Bone" By Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins the only word he knows in the song is "Yeehaw" hahahah so when that part comes he belts it out LOL... Oh Life is soooo much fun with him!

Here he is with his new "build a bear" and "iPod" lol

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