Saturday, March 6, 2010

**WARNING** hahaha

Wal-mart sells this YUMMY carbonated water. You can get like 10 or 12, 20oz bottles for just a few dollars. Well I went to grab the water off the shelf and EVERY bottle fell off the plastic rings that keep them attached... And of course they all go rolling in different directions LOL so here I am chasing these bottles around trying to get them all before they roll under the shelves. It was a sight let me tell you hahaha... So be careful if you ever get these because a lady in line told me that happened to her Mom one day lol...

Kobe has now started a new thing... why he does this? I have NO idea... but I'm constantly getting on him all the time for this... tonight I snapped a quick pic before I told him to get down... Does anyone's Child do this or is it just mine?? Maybe its a boy thing... I dunno... But it drives me crazy LOL What is so fun about standing on the back of the couch??? LOL Oh there is NEVER a dull moment lol

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  1. Cadence does this. It makes me so nervous! I hate it, but what can I say? She's adventurous! :-) So, it's definitely not just a boy thing!