Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Still no Internet!

We still are without Internet at our house.. heck we are still without cable / Satellite. We are trying to get are bills figured out and know where we stand before we get these "luxury" bills.. So that means I can't blog like I used to.. and every blog I post has been a major cram session.. But oh well I So get ready here comes the cram lol. Not much to share but this is our life..

 We got a riding mower finally! It has a brand new engine on it and everything.. the only thing "old" on is is the body of it.. We got it for a whopping $100.00 Thanks to my Grandpa Hill for finding the good deal for us.
 Our dog "Camo" has gone from a sweet loving dog to a pest lol. I can't even walk from room to room with out him right under my feet following me everywhere.. Licking me CONSTANTLY.. I'm the only one he licks like crazy lol. I Googled it thinking maybe something was wrong with me.. come to find out he is just in love with me.. or so Google says lol. Plus he's not doing so hot on the whole potty training thing.
We celebrated my Sister-in-laws 16th birthday and had a weenie roast..

 Jason got a deer! Our new Deep Freeze is filling up with food..
 We Celebrated Jacob's birthday at Grandma and Grandpa Hill's house and Kobe and Ashtin couldn't figure out why the candle they were blowing out would light up again and again.. it was fun watching them.
 I got new bar stools for my bar in the kitchen finally!
Kobe's cute school picture although this smile cracks me up. My son can NOT smile on command for some reason lol.. I love him!!

 I went with the guys to sight in their guns..
Kobe's last soccer game was last night. I am very sad to see it end. He had an awesome season. He got 2 goals this year. Which was great since he played mostly defense. The few times he was one offense he scored.. Hello!? lol! I'm seriously considering coaching his team next year.. I know soccer. I played soccer til Jr.High.. I'm really considering it! But we'll see lol I wasn't to impressed with his coach this year.. maybe because we got spoiled last year lol We had an AWESOME coach last year! Thats all that I've got to share right now.. or let me rephrase that, I'm allowed to share lol!

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