Sunday, November 9, 2014

First indoor soccer game and Noah J's B-day

I can't believe it's November all ready! This year has flown by. Thanksgiving is creeping up on us.. We are celebrating Thanksgiving with Jason's family this year, since we spent last year with my family.. My biggest struggle every year is what to bring?? I've been on Pinterest looking for yummy recipes and of course I find a ton and want to fix them all. But I have a a couple weeks to figure it all out..

So anywho.. Kobe started indoor soccer this past week. It's new to us. Its crazy... crazy rules.. crazy playing.. just crazy lol.. Kobe loves it of course.. You can't kick it too high, there are no out of bounds, the ball doesn't stop unless it's kicked into the crowd or the clock ran out of time.. We play at least 2 games a week and there are NO practices.. Kinda, whats the word I'm looking for?? CRAZY! But like I said.. Kobe loves it.. although he forgets he cant use his big ol foot like out on the real soccer field.. he gets the whistle blown at him for that a lot.. Its comical to watch.. I'll try to post a video after these pics.. but I must be doing something wrong my videos haven't worked in the last few posts..

As you can see in this picture above.. that black square at the bottom of the picture is the wall and I can barely see over it.. it comes to my chin "#shortgirlproblems" lol if a ball comes to close to the wall all I can see of the game is from their forheads-up.. lol


 If that video above doesn't work click .. HERE

Yesterday we celebrated Mr. Noah J's Birthday!! I Can't believe he is a year old already.. He was soo funny while we sang to him.. and then entertained us all while he ate his cake..

He would love on all his clothes he pulled out lol

Kobe won Noah this Duck Dynasty duck out of the crane/claw game at walmart

More lovin on his clothes

Here are some more pics before ya go..

Made my Grandpa Solliday a birthday cake

Kobe eating boogers that his Grandma and Grandpa Colvin got him for Halloween lol

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