Saturday, June 6, 2009

Here Piggy Piggy....

OH WAIT! That's MY son! Kobe was a dirty little pig tonight. His bath water was dark grey lol. But that means he had a good time. Right?! LOL ...

He has now discovered Rollie Pollies... He calls them Lady Bugs tho. So he decided to get a little plastic dish and put all that he found in this dish. Well I was sitting on the couch watching TV and he comes in and sticks the dish right in my face. And says "Wook Mom, Wady Bugs" and I said those are Rollie Pollies not lady bugs, he looked at me and said with this long sigh...:"Yeh me know" HAHAHA! He is a character! Well anyways bout 15 minutes goes by and he's just out in the yard (what tiny yard we have) looking for these bugs... So I walk in the dining room only to notice Kobe had left his bowl of "lady bugs" on the dining room floor and they were crawling outta the bowl...**YUK** so I couldn't kill em' So I opened the back door and told Kobe he needs to get the bugs off mommy's dining room floor lol So as he is squatting down and picking up the bugs I say "honey, you can't bring bugs in the house" Kobe: "Why??" Me: " they will get out and climb on our food and drinks" Kobe: "Well dem birds try'n to eat dem" HAHAHAHA there is NEVER a dull moment with my child... I Love him to death... Even tho I get stressed to the max and being a single parent is the most challenging thing I have ever done I wouldn't trade it or Kobe for ANYTHING!

My Little Piggy does Clean up nice tho!!

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