Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trip to the "Camper Ground"

Tonight a friend of mine and his daughter had a campsite out at Glendale so we went out there for about an hour or so and hung out. It was kinda chilli and damp... But the kids loved running around and having fun! Kobe brought his gun (its a toy LOL) so that he could "peeiulk" some deer LOL. My son is a total outdoors man for sure! He loves four wheelers, Fishing, camping, bugs, 100% boy LOL... We had fun at the "camper ground" as Kobe calls it... We hope my parents go camping soon!

**Me and Laurie**

**Kobe and Alexia**



  1. Oh!!!!!!!!!! **THAT** friend ;O)

  2. LOL my thoughts matched Jess! Glad you had fun! I love reading Kobe stories!