Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

Today is Mother's Day.. kinda boring if you ask me.. No cookout, no family time, nothing much.. I Didn't even get to sleep in. I spent the majority of it in bed on the internet while the guys did their things outside.. just having a me day.. Which that was kinda nice.. just thought I'd post some things to let you know whats been going on.. First off Saturday we had our first loss in soccer.. we lost 1-4.. it was a tough game.. intense is the word I should use.. But like I told Kobe.. ya gotta lose sometimes.. and I'd rather lose in regular season than in the tourney..

I taught Kobe how to play "Mary had a little lamb" on the keyboard.

He wanted to make a heart with Duke lol

We bought our seeds for the garden. We haven't bought the plants yet.. still gotta do that but our Garden is planted with these guys..

What Noah thinks about peaches

Kobe's outfit from when he was a baby

The things we do to this baby LOL

Making Mother's Day gifts for My Daycare kids Mommas

Noey's little hand

Kobe's baby turtle he found

Looks who is 6 Months already!!!

Kobe's first keep and filet fish lol

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