Saturday, May 3, 2014

What a good day!

First off this pic is from Friday...

Check out who is sittin up by himself for little periods of time!!!

So back to today! We had such a good day.. we started off Kobe's soccer game at 10.. it was kinda chilly this morning.. but I'll watch soccer in any weather!! I let Kobe play in his game this morning even though its not been 7 days.. I wrapped his hand up good just in case and he did fine.. He even fell down to the ground once and kept from using his hand.. Kobe's team won 6-1.. We played a good little team too.. we are now 4-0 this season!!

After that we took Jason over to my parents so him and my dad could go mushroom hunting.. Jason found 72 and dad found some but is a dork and lost his sack LOL.. (sounds like a hunter's story to me lol) but Jason being the brat good son-in-law that he is.. he gave his to dad because we've already had some.. even though I wanted more lol but I'll share with my dad lol.. So any who mom Kobe and I went and watched my friends daughter play soccer.. she plays on a travel team that my friend (her dad) coaches and they were playing in town today so we went and watched.

After the guys got done hunting we headed home and had a weenie roast for dinner.. WITH marshmellows of course lol.. After we ate, Kobe Duke and I played soccer lol we had a fun time and Kobe was quite impressed with my kicks LOL he kept saying "oh my gosh mom you kick good" lol he still is fascinated that I played soccer in my younger years ;) My son would play soccer all day if he could.. I'm so glad he loves the sport so much! 

Isn't my fur baby cute!?

The perfect Marshmallow

Our UGLY chickens

See this yappy little dress wearin dog? LOL well she sits and barks and barks at Duke are big ol boxer.. He ignores her and stays in our yard until he has enough then He'll run as fast as he can at her and she'll take off running as fast as her little legs can go back to her porch LOL

This is what they always do.. wrestle

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  1. The photos didn't come through but the text did! You're right, it was a great day!