Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Just had too..

I'm not one who gets up every Sunday and gets dressed in my "Sunday best" with my family and heads to Church. Does that not make me a Christian, I wonder? I don't think so.. to me I'd love to find a church to call my own. One where Kobe can go and enjoy. I could always go to my Grandparents church. They are always welcoming.. and I like the people there but I just don't feel that "at home" feel that I see ppl feel. I could go to ACC.. But it's so big... then again I think I might like that.. a church were I can go and not be recognized. But wait I said I want that "at home" church family feel.. didn't I? SEE I'm such an indecisive person! I think that's why I don't go any where.. which leads me BACK to the point of this blog.. I believe in God and Jesus and I believe he died for our sins. I believe he hears our prayers and answers them. One reason I know he is alive because of my 8 yr old who is asleep in the other room. I was not raised in a family who went to Church.. who prayed at dinner time.. who knew about the Bible. (I honestly couldn't tell you one quote from the Bible..) but some how, some way my 8yr old knows ALL about Jesus and what he did for us. He went to a Catholic preschool for a year but he knew all this BEFORE going there. Not because I've taught him, Not because he goes to church with someone else... Some ONE some HOW made that little boy know from a very young age. His faith is STRONG too. If you read my previous blog (click here) you will see the things he says. I believe him. Just like the other day we drove by the church in the small town we live by and there was a statue of Jesus sitting in the church's landscaping.. As we sat at the stop sign waiting for Jason to pull onto the hwy I tap(we were in the truck) on Kobe and say Look there is Jesus! He got all excited and asked where.. when I pointed to show him he seemed disappointed because he thought I had meant the real one not a statue.. he kinda laughed, then with a few minutes gone by he says.. Wouldn't that be cool if he was really here? Me forgetting about the convo that just took place.. I said who? He said "Jesus" wouldn't that be cool if he was really here and we could touch him and hug him? I know his little brain was thinking during that whole few minutes there was silence.. The weirdest thing about all of that was when I got home I hopped on FB which I'm bad about doing.. and Amber, a friend of mine on FB posted pictures of her with Jesus(her hubby dressed up for a play) saying that he was there.. it made me smile just because of Kobe's convo earlier! Just kinda one of those quinkie dinks LOL

So any who.. we may not go sit in a church every Sunday, and read our Bible daily.. but we love and accept Jesus Christ and he IS in fact a big part in our lives. We pray and not only when we are in need either. I don't know where this blog is going now. I don't even remember the actual point of this.. I just know as I was in the hot bath tub tonight I just started praying. A long emotional prayer. That made me get out when I was finished praying and blog (I didn't even shave my legs).. not sure why, it was just something I needed to do. Something I felt I needed to share with the blog/FB world.

 Here lately I've been looking up verses, pinning stuff on Pinterest, googling denominations, I've just had such an interest in it. Saturday night as I was sitting through my nieces First Communion Mass I thought to myself maybe I should become (brace yourself Grandma..kidding) Catholic. That is what Jason is. His whole family is Catholic, maybe I should? We live 2 doors down from a Catholic Church.. we could WALK! Then sometimes I think I just don't care what denomination I am.. because as long as HE knows how I feel thats all that matters.. In MY(I said my) opinion HE is the same person no matter what denomination you are.. With that being said I think I'll end this blog. Not even sure if it makes sense or its a bunch of rambles but I feel better!! Good Night and May God Bless YOU!!

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