Monday, April 28, 2014

Beautiful Weekend!!

We had a beautiful weekend this past weekend! Friday we got Jason's kids for the night..

This is what I get when I try to get all 3 kids to take a picture lol

You can't tell in these pics but poor Clayton has a cast on his arm.. Last weekend he broke his arm and had to have surgery.. They put 2 plates in his arm.. He'll have to have another surgery later on to remove the plates after it heals.. Let me tell ya he doesn't let it slow him down one bit lol..

Saturday Kobe had a soccer game they won 8-1.. his team did awesome.. so far we are 3-0 this season. Kobe had a few shots on goal but no luck again.. However he played goalie!! UGH I hate that lol but he did pretty good in goal.. even though he stepped outta the box and they called a handball... ooops! But the other team didn't score when they had their free kick thanks to my niece Olivia who the coach traded spots with Kobe before the kick.. relief for this momma!

 I was a little too slow on capturing his kick lol

 Playing goalie

This is what Noah thought of the game LOL

Oh I finally got my sticker for my van.. I'm official now.. I'm a complete soccer mom!

A friend on my FB posted this on my wall today! I Love It!

Later after the soccer game we had my niece Olivia's First Communion.. The guys decided to go fishing so My mom and I went to Mass and then her reception after! She looked absolutely GORGEOUS I got teary eyed when I saw her!!

 I know the next 2 are blurry for some reason but I'm sharing them because she's actually taking the communion in the pics..

 Olivia with her Mom (my sister) Step Dad and Noah

Olivia with her Dad, Step Mom and Sister Lucy

 Olivia and her whole Family
 Olivia and her God Parents
 Olivia with her Mom and God Mother
 Present time
 Bracelet I got Olivia.. its actaully pink, like the October Birthstone for some reason the camera didnt pic up on the pink

 My mom and Noah! Love them!!
 Isn't he beautiful!! I love him

Well I guess I'll be done now and wait for these storms to pass through so I can sleep.. I hate being so scared of storms...

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  1. Love the pics Andrea! Olivia looked like a little princess. :)