Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Colvin Coop

The Colvin Coop is finally up and ready!! I changed my blog name to "The Colvin Coop" awhile ago because I knew chickens were in our future soon... and I thought the name was cute and catchy! So here are the pics of the process!

My Grandpa Solliday gave us his old dog kennel which was PERFECT for the chicken run.

Is that not about the most redneck lookin get up?? LOL

My mom got us this cute sign to hang up!

 The Boys hard at work

We got 4 (Brown) egg layers and 10 fryers We are planning on getting a chicken that lays easter eggs too.. just for fun lol and for the eggs! :)

We will be selling them too so look fwd to Fresh eggs :)

Now I won't have to borrow an egg from the neighbor when I'm short one when I'm cookin lol ;)

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