Sunday, March 2, 2014

8 yr check up!

 Kobe had his 8yr old well check Thursday. He is 4ft tall and weighs 65lbs for right now. I say right now because he is "FOS" as Doc K says. "FOS"?? Yeh, That stands for Full Of Shit. He literally is. Every time this happens he'll gain weight and its because he's full of poop. Once he's cleaned out he'll lose that weight he put on. I'm not sure if I've ever blogged about this or not but Kobe has had issues with constipation ever since I started potty training him at age 2. He'll be fine going like normal on the potty then he'll go a few days with out pooping and then one day he'll have an accident in his pants. Sad part is he doesn't even know he had the accident. Its like a leakage from the blockage.. Then several days go by and its more and more so then we'll have to clean him out with Mirlax, Milk of Magnesium, or something. Once he's cleaned out he'll be fine but then the vicious cycle comes back. Doc K wants me to give him Mirlax everyday. That he needs it daily. I'm going to buy Fiber One bars/Cereal too and get him some high fiber foods and see if that helps. We've already decreased his milk and cheese intake. If all this doesn't work then I'm going to ask Doc K to looking into maybe a food allergy like Gluten or something that may be clogging him up. Or if worse comes to worse send us to a Gastrologist or something.

In better news.. Kobe is so stinking smart! His grades are awesome and he loves to learn. Here is his latest grade card

While waiting for Doc K to come in Kobe read me a book about mosquitoes. He was pronouncing words I was shocked he knew. 


  1. My niece had to take miralax everyday when she was younger and it really seemed to help.

  2. Good job Kobe! Congrats Andrea. :)