Monday, February 24, 2014


Since Indiana has crazy ass weather we had SEVERAL snow days and delays. We now are paying for them. Kobe's normal school day is, dropped off at 7:55am and picked up at 2:50pm. Since we have to make up all the days we missed because we already used our "Built in" days we are having to start earlier and get out of school later. School Starts at 7:50am and pick up is 3:40pm however today being the first day when I arrived at the school at 3:29pm the kindergartners were already outside waiting to be picked up and half the parents weren't even there.. When told dismissal is 3:40 I'd think it meant that's when the kids would come out. We were out of the school area by 3:34.. but whatever lol

Saturday the weather was wonderful.. We were able to be outside with out a jacket. We cooked out.. we sat outside and enjoyed the fresh air.. Then Sunday we had flurries pretty much all day.. Coats had to be worn.. That's Indiana for ya!

Here are some pics

My puppy Duke. He's huge and won't even be a yr old until August!

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