Sunday, February 16, 2014

Soooo over it!

I'm soo over it. as in this snow!, Winter!, Cold temps!, this cough I've had for over a month!, my messy house!, my no energy!, and so on..

I've been so "not myself" that I didn't even give Kobe the birthday party he always had in the past.. I didn't go all out like I usually do. I just made him a cake and at the last minute invited my sister's family and my brother over to our parents to eat pizza and have cake. The weather changed the pizza part.. since it was snowing like crazy the small "pizza, cake and ice cream party" went to hurry open your gifts, blow out candles and eat some cake.. I forgot to even go buy ice cream.

I started to get emotional because it wasn't fair to Kobe. I mean we can't control the weather, which isn't what I was getting emotional for, it was because I didn't give him the birthday party he wanted or I guess I should say *I* wanted. But on the long drive home that took way longer than it should have thanks to the snow, Kobe told me this was the best birthday ever! I'm glad he thought so because I thought it sucked..

I did make his cake this year. He's really into Duke's of Hazzard.. Thank you CMT for the reruns lol

Our friend Paul gave Kobe his model of General Lee he made.. Kobe was in Heaven!

We got Kobe an Xbox360 for his birthday which he was totally pumped about!

Mamaw and Papaw got him his very own tablet

Aunt Amanda got him Lego Batman 2 for his xbox 360 and Uncle Adam game him money so I guess he did have a really good birthday after all.. I did promise him that he could pick 2 friends and we would go bowling.. or 1 friend and go to a movie.. so we'll see how that goes lol

Now for some WONDERFUL news!!!

Momma got a van again!!
2005 Chevy Venture
 Annnnnd drum roll please...................

All the lights on the console/radio part work!!! Whoop whoop!! LOL


  1. Cheer up. Looking at Kobe's pics, he really seem to enjoy what you prepared :)