Monday, January 27, 2014

Soooo embarrassing...

My son about crawled inside himself and died this evening at the grocery store lol. I opened my purse to pay for our groceries and there right on top in my purse is a pair of Kobe's underbutts (aka Underwear lol) He looked at me like WHAAAAT!?!? WHY?!?!?! I got a good laugh but he was mortified lol. Thats what happens when you have to be away from your home and spend the night at other peoples homes, you stick last minute items in your purse. Of course I snapped a pic. Thats just what I do.

Another thing that Kobe talks about a lot is he is soo embarrassed because his birthday is on a holiday. He shares a birthday with Valentines Day and he hates it. He is so afraid ppl are going to make fun of him.. I hate that he gets so embarrassed.. He didn't get that from me. Even when I was little,  being an over weight child and now as an adult I don't get embarrassed. I wish he didn't as well.. But we are working on it..

Speaking of his birthday it is sneaking up on us. I don't have the first thing bought or anything.. I DO however have it all planned on Pinterest. Gotta love Pinterest!!! He is having a Camo/Hunting party so it should be pretty easy to put together.. Just have to plan the menu out. I have done decided Im not going all out like normal.. Im gonna keep it simple..

Anywho.. I'm still fighting this cold/sickness. Sunday morning Jason went to town and got me more cough meds.. he came back with all these goodies..

I can't do real cough drops. They make me gag.. I mean really bad gag. If someone near me has one I want to gag.. So I use these Luden's. I know ppl say they are like candy but its all I can do to save my throat.  He accidentally picked up the Sugar Free ones you cant see in this pic but they are WAY better than the originals. They don't produce a sugary phlegm in your throat like the originals do..

Tonight we had Frozen pizzas for dinner. We usually all get our own pizza because we all like different toppings.. so Kobe picks out this knock off Totino's Pizza from Save-a-lot.. well if you buy one let me tell you... watch it, keep a close eye on it. This was LESS time and LESS temp than what the box says.. Kobe still wanted to eat it though lol however he said "This crust is crunchy" LOL

I'll end this blogs with some randoms..

I LOVE tomatoes


They HATE me!!!

This is the side of my mouth
I get this EVERY time I eat them.. sadly it doesn't stop me.. I love them..

But you wanna know who does LOVE ME!?!?!?!

This Guy!

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