Sunday, January 19, 2014

Little bit of this, little bit of that..

The first month of the new year is more than half way over already.. So Crazy! #Cray as one of my YouTube-rs that I watch would say lol.. Any who I have this annoying ass cough that I know is being caused by mucus in my throat.. Gross huh? You needed to know that, right?! I'm over this cough its making my whole body hurt.. Friday I was pretty much dying.. not because of my cough but because I am pretty sure I had food poisoning.. I made chili at my parents house and used deer meat that we were iffy about but it "smelt" OK so we used it.. No one else got sick.. except Kobe spent most of his day in the bathroom and later that day when dad ate it for lunch again his stomach was upset after.... We headed home from my parents about 9am-ish and I came in put my pajamas on and got in bed and slept til 7:40 that night. When I woke up my stomach was still queasy but I ate toast and not long after went back to bed like I hadn't slept for years.. I was scared to go to bed however since the night before.. we had a scare here at the house.. Kobe and I weren't here because we've been staying the week nights in Washington since I'm with out a vehicle. About 9pm-ish Jason and I were chatting online through facebook.. he told me he was going to bed because he had a bad headache and his stomach didn't feel good.. so we said our goodnights.. I was just getting ready to head to bed at my parents when my phone rings about 11:45pm.. I knew it was Jason because he has his own ringtone.. it scared me and I jumped up and ran to my phone (it was across the room charging) and he said that he woke up to the Carbon Monoxide(CO) alarm going off.. so I told him to get out of the house and I would call Vectren to see what we should do.. so I called them and they said to call the fire department.. well the only way I know how to call the FDP is to call 911.. well I didn't wanna do that because I didn't know if this was considered an "emergency" to them even though it was to ME! So I called the Sheriff's Station and told the dispatcher and she radioed them.. it took them almost 15 minutes to get to our house!!! Granted we live were we live and they are only volunteers I expected someONE to get there faster.. I hope if we have a fire they get there faster.. then only 1 fireman came maybe he radio'd his fire buddies and said he was on top of it and no need for them to come?? Maybe no one wanted to come because it was midnight and the temp was in the teens?? who knows but 15 minutes is too long to wait if there is a huge emergency... so anyways.. The guy brings a meter thing to test to see if there is a leak and he doesn't find one so Jason goes back in the house and goes to bed... I was nervous and feared for his life.. but he was just fine and woke up fine.. not only was that scary.. while I was sleeping all those hours while I was sick the CO alarm started going off again.. talk about freeeeeaking out.. well we changed the battery and so far hasn't went off again so hopefully that was the only reason it was going off... Did I mention that is my biggest fear ever!?

In other news.. Kobe has lost tooth #3

 Why is this kid so slow at losing teeth? Is it a boy thing? Is it a good thing? This tooth was a bottom tooth one next to his bottom front teeth.. I would think his top teeth woulda fell out before any other bottom tooth? Idk why I think that? I don't know why I worry? But anyways the tooth fairy brought him $1 so he was happy.. he wrote a little note for the tooth fairy which I thought was precious..

He wants the tooth fairy to use that tooth as one Noah will grow out of his mouth lol. he means well..

In related news we had Mr. Noah for a few days last week because my sister had her radioactive iodine treatment done last Monday and she had to stay away from ppl and kiddos for a week... She did good with it, was a little sore but nothing major except missing her kids like crazy and going crazy because she was quarantined. She survived and so did the kids. They will get to go home to her tonight.. Olivia hasn't seen her mom or brother for a long time because she was staying with her dad and step-mom.. so I know she will be happy to see them all.. I loved spending time with my nephew he probably gets mad that I constantly have a camera in his face though lol..

Here are some more pics  of things going on around here..

 Jason's Aunt and Uncle gave Kobe bunk beds!!! He is in Heaven!!

Our poor puppy broke his nail in half and was in some major pain.. Jason pulled it and he had instant relief. So we put some ointment on it and a homemade bandage made out of my sock.. he is doing just fine now :)

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  1. Lot's of stuff going on for you! hope your sister feels better soon and she starts getting some good news! Sounds like a rough last few months!