Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I have some serious cabin fever.. Yesterday I didn't even get out of my pajamas except to take a bath and put pajamas back on... same with today.. its after 1pm and I'm still sitting in bed on my laptop.. I woke up at 8 something and took a bath then got back in to bed and slept a half hour until Duke and Jason were wrestling on our bed so I got up and fixed some breakfast.. Even came back to my bed and ate in bed lol.. Jason is now napping and so is Duke.. Kobe is in the living room playing his Nintendo DS these have been some serious lazy days.. I'm sooo ready to get back in a routine.. Jason's foreman called this morning and they will be working tomorrow. I'm hoping the kids go back to school and I can go back to work and life can get back to normal again.. I love staying home and being in my jammies all day but I think I've had enough for awhile..  We did get some bitterly cold temps

Here is one screen shot from my cell.. -4 was the temp but -26 is the windchill CRAAAZY!

We only got like an inch or 2 of snow.. nothing much but it was sooo cold.. and rained so much before the snow that all the rain water froze making roads horrible.... Its only 9 out and feel like -6 so I don't know when this crap will melt.. oh wait YES I do.. Its going to be 46 on Saturday!!! FORTY-SIX that is gonna feel like a heat wave..I can't wait.. I have cabin fever so bad! Crazy Indiana weather! In other news...

I'm one upset momma! I used my new Paula Deen pans and the 3qt pan I used ONCE is warped and the lid won't go on now.. so I emailed the company and am patiently waiting on and email back.... Did I mention I have cabin fever LOL


  1. We are frozen here too! I can't believe your pan warped already! thats crazy!

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