Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My poor glued baby!!

This afternoon about 4ish Kobe comes running in my parents house screaming.. My first thought was a broken bone.. until I saw the blood.. My Mom and I both run too him and take him to the sink to rinse off the blood to see what we are both dealing with.. I about passed out...  it was definitely something Mommy and Mamaw wasn't going to be able to fix with a band-aid and a kiss.. He was catching himself from falling and grabbed the garage where the edge of the siding is and it sliced it open.. blah.. We were out the door and to the hospital in 3 minutes tops.. the whole time I was praying for no stitches because I don't think I could watch my baby go through that.. I'm not very strong when it comes to that.. plus I was there alone with him.. my mom is my support in times like these.. I still need her I'll admit I'm a huge mommas girl lol.. Jason showed up so I was at a little more ease.. the Dr. finally came in and had the nurse come in and clean it up and prep it for GLUE!! Did she say GLUE!?!?! PRAISE God!! That was music to both mine and Kobe's ears.. She came in and glued his hand and while we waited for it to dry she was telling us his restrictions:

For 7 Days.. He cried harder about that than the actual injury.. :(

Along with no soccer for 7 days that means no P.E. and no recess either.. If that sucker pops open he'll have to have stitches..

On the way back to my parents house the radio was off and we both were quiet I think both comin off our adrenaline rush when Kobe says "Mom, Jesus and God were right. I was alright." I said what do you mean? Did you pray? He said "No, but everytime I get hurt I hear Jesus and God say everything will be okay, It'll be alright. They are always right mom." I said you hear them say that? He said "yeh, its like I have a little spirit inside me." This melted my heart and I teared up as I am right now typing this.. he is such an awesome little boy! I know people only see the hard headed child who doesn't listen and whatever other things you all think but he is an AWESOME, WONDERFUL kid who I love so much who makes me proud and thats all that matters!! I don't know why I'm getting so defensive.. well yeh I do acctually lol  This goes out to Family, friends, acquaintances, whatever you are.. I'll be the FIRST to admit my child can be a little shit but your child is no better... That's all..

Here are some pics of my little trooper!!

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