Sunday, April 6, 2014

What's been goin on...

Here is a little of whats been happenin' around here ya'll (That was in my Paula Deen voice)

Home made turkey and noodles.. okay kinda homemade the noddles were frozen store bought.

The guys planning our Chicken Coop 

Noah hanging with his Aunt Annie (Me lol)

Snuggling cousin Kobe's cow

My first time feeding Noah baby food


My 4th attempt at bloodwork.. 4th was a charm I shoulda took pics later on my whole hand was black and blue

Mom, Kobe and I went to E-ville on day and had the best time..

My Parents remodeled their bathroom.. My brother in law did all the work.. He started his own business!

Here is the before.. tons of water damage

I bought little Mr some bunny ears.. I didnt think he could be anymore precious.. stick bunny ears on him and there ya go LOL

Mom's new shower curtain

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