Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend

What a busy weekend it was!

Soccer has started full force. We had Kobe's 2nd soccer game Saturday with a win 12-1. Kobe's team is really good this year. He had 2 shots at goal but one was stopped well they both were BUT the goalie was inside the goal when she caught one but they didn't call it... but I considered it a goal because technically it WAS lol. Ugh Kobe even played goalie in the game.. he did good but I was sooo nervous! So we are 2-0 this season!  

 That's Kobe in the blue playing goalie!

After the soccer game Mom, Kobe and I headed down to my cousin's baby reveal party. We had a good time I just hate the 2hour drive. I was team PINK... however the baby is a boy!! We will meet him in August..

Our trip home wasn't too fun.. our 2 hour trip turned into a 5 hr trip home..

My Grandparents car broke down on the big interstate. Its a good thing I was only a few minutes in front of them and I was at a gas station getting a drink and was able to turn around to get them. After I got to them we waited 2 hrs for AAA to come to tow the car to a mechanic.. but we were all safe and made it home just fine.. Usually Grandpa is the one I call when I'm in trouble and need help lol this time he was calling for my help and I'm glad I was able to help them..

We got home at 10:25pm. We were so tired.. we had to get ready for the Easter Bunny to come.. we didn't even make it to church.. But we still had a good day with family..

 He has always loved stuffed animals and I think he always will
 Cutest "piggy bank" ever!

 Check out this outfit LOL

 Look at all those eggs!
 Handsome Boy..

Off to my inlaws for Easter Lunch
 His first time meeting my in laws new puppy

 Then off to my Sister's house for an evening dinner
 Feeding Noahy
 Dad at the kiddie table lol
 Adam and Emma hunting eggs
 Kobe hunting for his eggs
We had a really good day!! I love my family!!

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