Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Camping, soccer, more camping!

Friday night we all headed out for our annual camping trip! We only camp about 15-20 minutes away from home but its a nice get away. My whole family camps and we have a good time.. Me and my guys of course tent camp and honestly its not too bad except I had to run into town and get a new air mattress at 10pm since our patch job didn't work out too well..

Here is our tent

My parents camper

My sister and brother-in-law's camper

 I didnt get a pic of my brother's tent.. but it kinda looks like ours..

Saturday we headed back into town for Kobe and Olivia's championship soccer game of their tourney...
We played a hard game.. we were up 2-0 at half.. they ended up tieing the game up 2-2.. we went into sudden death over time(first team to score wins) for 5 minutes.. No one scored so that took us to PKs (Penalty kicks) we ended up getting beat in PK's.. we played a good game.. We still got a trophy 

Kobe got to be "captain" and be in on the coin toss
Kobe's team who played a good game!!

Kobe and his cousin Xavier

Kobe's team

Kobe's coach handing out awards

One wore out kiddo!

After the game we headed back out to the camp ground to enjoy the rest of the weekend..

Josh man'd the food on the open fire.. Eggs and bacon for breakfast...

Uncle Jason and Noah

Miss Emma Lynn eating some of Josh's yummy bacon

My mom "Mamaw" rockin Noah to sleep

Uncle Jason's turn..

My Boy!

Me and my boy!

Emma showing Mamaw her "puppies" lol aka rocks ;)

Lovens from Papaw

I just though this pic was funny since it looks like these are Noah's legs lol

Monday morning we all packed up and some of us headed back into town to say good bye to my Great Uncle Tom. He passed away unsuspectingly Friday afternoon.. He was Dx with Acute leukemia on Thursday and was given 2 weeks to live but he didn't even make it 24 hours. However I wasn't very close to him.. but to my cousin's he was part of their world and my heart broke even more for them and my great Aunt Joyce... RIP Uncle Tom

 On a brighter note.. when I got back home after the funeral I saw my flower had bloomed!!

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