Tuesday, May 20, 2014

One stressed Momma...

I have been so anxious and stressed lately.. I just wish it would all go AWAY, but thats life. Jason still isn't home Its 9:34pm and he went in at 5AM... but any ways On a brighter note we finished our last two soccer games of regular season last Thursday and Saturday both with wins.. We went 8-1 the whole season.. Thats pretty good if you ask me. Tonight we had our first game of the tourney.. we won 6-2.. it was a pretty intense game.. we were tied 2-2 at halftime.. after the half we poured on the pressure and got 4 more goals.. Kobe scored 2 goals tonight.. he was on FIRE!! Seriously he scored one of the goals when he was on defense. I was so proud of him and his team tonight.. They did awesome!

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