Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Shamey Shame!

You would think  now that I have the internet I would blog like I'm "supposed" to.. but nope.. so of course that leaves me with playing catch up..

I can't believe it is already December 10th! So anyways I'll start  off with Thanksgiving..

I didn't get any pictures. But we had it at my sister's house since her baby is still 'new' and they didn't want to take him out. My brother in law's sister and her family joined us and it was a really good time.. If you ask Kobe it was the worst Thanksgiving ever. When we first got to my sister's house he was outside playing with Olivia and they came in and went into her bedroom. Well Olivia finally came and told me that he had stepped on a garden hoe and the handle hit him in the head that left a huge goose egg and almost busted open.. something seems fishy about that story and he wont talk about it.. so who knows what really happen... THEN after we all ate all 4 kids were outside playing and 3 out of the 4 came in and were acting suspicious lol well come to find out Kobe (the only one who didnt come in) was standing in the garage.. because he decided to walk on the frozen creek and the ice broke and down he went in to waist deep freezing creek water... it scared him. He was crying and he honestly thought he was going to die. I hope this was a life lesson for him but he is a hard headed child after all so we shall see..

The day after thanksgiving we put out tree up.. Kobe did all the ornaments and I didnt move any.. he did a great jog!

 The following weekend we put lights on our house..

 Duke thinks the tree skirt is his blanket

Friday night the 6th we got out first Winter Storm Warning that threw down several inches of snow.. some say 11 some say 14.. I didn't go measure lol.

Saturday the 7th was Jason's birthday! due to the snow we just had a small at home party.. I made him a cake and a pot of Chili.. we had already given him his gifts which were an electric nail/staple gun and a Stanley Thermos to carry his coffee in for work..

We got about 5 more inches of snow last night which called for another snow day from school..

Here are some random pics... Enjoy!!!

Duke and Kobe were wrestling around and his claw almost got Kobe's eye

Look who is 1 Month already!! He is up to 6.14lbs now!!

He got to hang out with Aunt Annie and Mamaw while Mommy had her work Christmas Party

Jack is back and he seems to be behaving himself.. He must be setting a good example for Kobe.


  1. Hello from CafeMom! Love your pictures and your kiddos are gorgeous :)

  2. I think it's cute how the bear head has a santa hat on it. Kids are adordable.