Monday, November 18, 2013

Tornado 11/17/2013

Sunday night was a night I will never forget.

I'll take you back to Friday night.. Jason, Kobe, my parents and I met up with my brother at a local Mexican Restaurant for dinner. We are eating and talking.. I had brought up the weather and everyone ALWAYS makes fun of me, because I "freak" about the weather. If I hear we have a chance of bad weather I'll go ahead and plan on being at my parents house "just in case". Well They were teasing me because I was already was making plans for Sunday.. so anyways.. lets speed up to Sunday.. I slept in til almost 10 which felt nice.. I got on my laptop and first thing I see is.. weather.. so my anxiety was already creeping up.. so I threw some clothes in the wash and went ahead and got ready for the day.. I kept seeing ppl post different times as to when the weather will be here.. so I  was looking at more weather related stuff.. different pages etc.. They all said about the same thing.. so then I see a friend on FB say that they upped our "Tor-Con" which is a 1-10 scale of what your chances of tornadoes are. Ours changed to a 9! So I asked Jason to go ahead and take me into Washington.. Even if the storms don't come or arent as bad I still had to get my brother's truck to use for the week. I had our bags pack except Kobe's clothes because they were in the wash. The wash was done so I just grabbed a wet outfit out of the washer and threw it into a insulated bag to dry at my parents. Jason thinks I'm ridiculous when I get like this over weather.. actually a lot of people do.. do I care? Yes. Does it stop me? NOPE! I've had storm anxiety since I was little.. SO did my brother.. WORSE than I did.. he seems to forget that when he teases me. So anyways.. I get to my parents and we run out to Wal-Mart.. then drop my dad off at the house and Mom, Kobe and I run out to our new shoe store in town to get Kobe some new shoes.. Check out these bad boys!

So anyways while we are in there it starts to POUR! No storming just rain.. so we head back to my parents and we are watching the weather and there are Tornado warnings popping up all over the place.. of course we are right in the line.. usually it weakens by the time it gets to us so no one takes the weather serious.. except me.. well the storms were coming fast and warning were too.. finally our sirens go off.. so we talked dad into heading to my brothers house since its a nice finished basement with a livingroom and whatnot.. so I call my sister and her and her hubby and new baby come over.. Dad and I were standing outside and we heard a weird roar sound.. so I was looking on FB on my phone and saw a friend say there was a tornado outskirts of town.. it happened so fast and then the sun was out and it was like nothing even happened.. so we heard a certain part of town got hit which was over by my grandparents so we headed over there to check on them.. that side of town looked like a war zone it was heart breaking.. here are some pics.. some of these I borrowed from friends.. and local newspaper. Thanks Jenny Catt of Catt photography for sharing your pics with me

Thankfully my parents house was fine.. and nothing happened in our little town I live in.. today I saw a map and IF that sucker woulda stayed on the ground my parents house would have been hit .. But there were NO deaths or serious injuries! Praise the Lord!!

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