Saturday, November 16, 2013

Craft Show

Its been awhile since I posted.. I honestly hate when I do this.. I have all these words and events to write about but then when I sit down to do it I get side tract or I just don't have the energy after all lol.. So anyways..

The night before the craft show.. I baby sat my cousin's kiddos.. 3 of them.. they were perfect. One is a 5 yr old boy.. Him and Kobe had SO much fun.. The other is a 1 yr old girl.. she hung out with me mainly and then just a couple week old baby girl.. I LOVED every minute of that :) We had a good slumber party ;)

The next morning.. my mom, very pregnant sister and me went to the craft show we go to every year.. I actually had some money this year which when you have money you never find anything you want lol.. But I did find Kobe some things..


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