Saturday, October 26, 2013

Good Gravyitis..

I'm sooo stressed out.. First off my puppy is stressing me out.. he poops and pees in his cage ALL the time! He's not training well.. I took him outside and he darted right across the street over to one of our neighbors who was outside.. he's never done that.. he needs puppy boot camp..

Our Furnace has been a pain in our ass already.. Thank goodness we found a way around it and now have 2 reliable sources to heat our home..

My stupid van has been over heating and not running right.. its not been reliable..

I've been so stressed out lately. I hurt all over.. I have been having headaches like crazy.. I am 99.8% sure I have Fibromyalgia every symptom for it except Endometriosis.. which I'm not sure I don't have that.. could be why I'm not getting pregnant.. plus my Aunt has it and they say it can be hereditary. When my pup or a kid I babysit climbs on me to play it kills me. When Jason lays his arm across me at night when we are sleeping it kills me. When I'm laying in my comfy bed at night I get so uncomfortable that Jason finds me sitting up in the middle of the night.. So I'm going to be talking to my doctor about it soon..

This is where Dukey Boy sits when I'm  on my laptop lol..

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