Thursday, October 3, 2013

New news

Last Friday we got a new member to our family.
Meet Duke!
Duke is a 12 week old Boxer Puppy.
We got him from a guy Jason works with.
Isn't he so cute??
I love this pic of my two boys :)

That same Friday Jason was on his way to pick up Duke and surprise Kobe. I got a phone call from Jason saying his truck broke down and it was not a easy fix.. Blaaaah!!
Of course we don't have the funds to run out and buy him a new or new-er truck so we look for the best deal! This truck here runs like new! and I'm pretty sure my hubby is in love with it lol.
I named it Butterscotch lol 
We took a cruise in ol' Butterscotch lol
This is how little Dukey Boy is!! 


  1. My one and only childhood dog was a boxer and he was THE BEST!!

    1. Everyone keeps telling me that I made the best decision getting a boxer :) so far so good